Our sheaths are suitable for all types of construction

Sweetohms® sheaths can be used both in residential spaces of any construction material (concrete, stone, wood…) and in buildings frequented by the public such as schools or also nurseries where children stay for a longer period of time.

Indispensable for timber buildings


In the first instance, Sweetohms® has been developed for constructions with dry materials and is highly recommended for timber buildings, which generate electric fields to a larger degree than other construction methods.

Sweetohms® efficiency in pictures

The following video shows you some comparative measures which leave no doubt as to the efficiency of Sweetohms® sheaths.

Chose the right dimensioning

The installation of sheaths is particularly advisable in rooms where longer periods of time are spent. Installing Sweetohms® sheaths in bedrooms thus guarantees many peaceful and relaxing hours of sleep without electromagnetic pollution.

Formula Construction type Products Installation
Bedroom Zen Hollow block, brick, stone Flexaray, Préfilzen Sleeping area
Bedroom Zen+ Hollow block, brick, stone Flexaray, Préfilzen, boxes Sleeping area
Full package Hollow block, brick, stone, wood… Flexaray, Préfilzen Sleeping and living area
Full package+ Hollow block, brick, stone, wood… Flexaray, Préfilzen, boxes Sleeping and living area